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Warren Park Hockey is determined to be a safe and enjoyable environment that is free from intimidation and where players have FUN, receive SKILL DEVELOPMENT and have a POSITIVE HOCKEY EXPEREINCE

The League requires that every Warren Park Player, Parent and Volunteer be a good citizen by recognizing:
1) Sportsmanship,
2) Fair Play and
3) Respect for Coaches, Referees, Players and Fans. 
There is zero-tolerance of harassment or abuse (physical, verbal or written) directed at League Officials, Game Officials, Conveners, Coaches, Players or Arena Staff. Any person guilty of such actions may be removed from the League and barred from the Arena.  Immediate indefinite suspension, until review by League administrators, will be assessed to any player or team official who 1) uses inappropriate slurs including but not limited to those linked to gender identity and gender expression during or after a game; 2) fights before, during, or after a game or 3) uses a hockey stick in a dangerous manner.

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