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Rowan's Law - Concussion Information and Protocol Acknowledgment

The Ontario Government enacted Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety) in 2018.  The Act requires all sport organizations to have a Concussion Code of Conduct. The Ontario Hockey Federation's Concussion Code of Conduct requires participants to review the Ontario Government’s issued Concussion Awareness Resources on an annual basis. 

Concussion Awareness Resources

OHF Concussion Protocol - mandatory for all parents, players over age 18, coaches and officials to review.  This is a one-page document. 

These short pdf documents provide good information on concussion awareness. Please read the document appropriate to your child's age level

Mandatory Acknowledgement

You must acknowledge that you have reviewed the concussion resources above for your child (or yourself if you are 18 years or over) in order for you or your child to participate in games or practices. You can indicate that have reviewed the materials by ticking off the acknowledgment box during the registration process.