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Warren Park Hockey Volunteer Hall of Fame

Since 1998 when the Warren Park Minor Sports Association became 2 separate entities and Warren Park House League Hockey was created, there have been several volunteers that have gone above and beyond when giving their time and efforts to Minor Hockey at WP.  To those individuals we pass along our gratitude and raise their jerseys to the rafters.

List of Retired Jerseys:

Claudio Capobiano - President, Registrar, Select and House League Convener - 2012-2022

Frank Sheffield - House League and Select Coach and 2021 GTHL Rob Silc Memorial Community Coach Award Winner

Stephane Demers - League Registrar and Secretary - 2015-2022

Brad Cundiff  - Divison Convener and VP of House League - 2017-2021

Stef Szczepanski - House League and Select Eagles Coach and 2019 GTHL Rob Silc Memorial Community Coach Award Winner

Dale Rolph - Select Convener - 2007-2015

Glen Brehaut - President - 2010-2014

Dan Comi - Registrar - 2005-2014

Chris Arczewski - General Manager and Referee in Chief - 2005-2013

David Dubois - Select Convener - 2005-2007

Tony Power - Co-President - 2004-2010

Cliff Cordon - Co-President - 2004-2010 

Wayne Chaisson - President - 1998-2004